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Aviation Dispatch Institute, an FAA approved 14 CFR Part 65 aircraft dispatch school, prides itself on going beyond written and practical test prep and focusing on real-world dispatch training to prepare you for a career at a Part 121 airline.

Training for the Real World

What is an aircraft dispatcher?

Aircraft dispatchers are a critical part of the operation of an airline.  The dispatcher, along with the captain, share joint responsibility and operational control of the flight ensuring safety and legality of flight in accordance with applicable federal and international regulations.  The dispatcher, as part of these duties, will plan and monitor each flight in their control, as well as working together with flight crews.  In addition to the crews, the dispatcher will communicate with air traffic control, airport personnel, maintenance, aircraft routers, weight & balance planners, and crew schedulers.

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Aviation Dispatch Institute is currently working on relocating to a new training facility within the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  During this time, we will not be conducting classes until the move is completed and will publish a new course schedule at that time.  Please visit this page for updates.   

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