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About Aviation Dispatch Institute

Aviation Dispatch Institute isn’t only focused on helping you earn an FAA aircraft dispatcher certificate.  Our goal is to truly prepare you for working at a Part 121 airline.  Our school, owned by former airline dispatchers, only employs instructors who are licensed aircraft dispatchers with Part 121 air carrier experience.  Our staff regularly attend industry conferences to keep up to date with issues in the world of dispatch.  We also instruct using leading edge dispatch tools and resources.  Thanks to our convenient location at the Van Nuys Airport in Van Nuys, California, we also involve industry experts in our courses.

In addition to providing quality training that focuses on giving students tools for their success in the current world of aircraft dispatch, we supply our licensed graduates with career support, job leads, and dispatch advice.  Our licensed graduates are also welcome to return for complimentary refresher training, as part of our commitment to continuous learning.

Aviation Dispatch Institute

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