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Aviation Dispatch Institute is proud to offer FAA approved 14 CFR Part 65 aircraft dispatcher training courses, taught by Part 121 aircraft dispatchers, highlighting practical dispatch applications for the real world.

Our aircraft dispatcher certification course offers practical training to prepare you for a career as an aircraft dispatcher at a Part 121 airline as well as prepare you for the FAA aircraft dispatcher practical test required to become an FAA licensed aircraft dispatcher.  The course is offered in a 6-week daytime class format.

Aviation Dispatch Institute’s aircraft dispatch certification course, instructed only by licensed dispatchers with Part 121 air carrier experience, covers topics such as (but not limited to): meteorology, National Airspace System, Air Traffic Control, aerodynamics, aircraft performance, aircraft weight & balance, navigation, communication, dispatch resource management, regulations, international operations, ETOPS, aeromedical factors, abnormal & emergency situations.  

All of our licensed aircraft dispatch certification graduates also receive career support, and job leads, as well as the ability to return for complimentary aircraft dispatch refresher courses.

Cutting Edge Instruction from Real World Dispatchers

Our alumni have been employed by the following airlines:


Rockwell Collins

Colgan Air

Endeavor Air


FedEx Express

Hawaiian Airlines

Mesa Airlines

Mesaba Airlines

Pinnacle Airlines

United Airlines

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Course Schedule

Due to our efforts to relocate to our

new location in the Los Angeles

area, we will not be conducting

classes until our new training facility

is open.  Visit this page for updates.

All classes are held Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Course Fee:


*Pricing subject to change.

NOTE: Travel to and from ADI should include an extra week’s stay following the course-end date for FAA practical testing.  

Course dates are subject to change.

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